About us

Norte OÜ is established 2022, but our foundation and experience goes back to year 2000. We are experienced and united team that is driven by professionalism and common values. We work hard to become the best at what we do.

Why Norte? But why not? It sounds like “forte”. It is just a cool name and if You are into trivia, it means “north” in spanish.


What is important to us

We are professionals and we want to work with dedication and purpose. Our passion is better tomorrow and we are inspired by innovation and synergy of partnership.

We have set ourselves a goal that our designs have to be optimal, client based and sustainable at the same time. Construction design is constant cooperation with our clients and partners, that’s why we believe that stirving towards those goals can help us improve construction design in general.

Team Norte

We are a great team with shared values. We care about each other and every indivudual in our collective matters. Team Norte values the balance of physical and mental health and we take pride in work that is well done. We notice accomplishments and we are proud of what we do.

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